Sunday, 30 January 2011

#11 -- Katy Perry for OPI

As a big lover of Katy Perry...her music, style, nails, etc. I was so excited when I heard she was getting together with OPI to release a 4 polish limited edition collection plus a Black Shatter polish, being a lover of nail varnishes I knew I HAD to have this collection and I am definitely not disappointed with it!
Katy said she wanted the Black Shatter to create a "Leopard Effect" and that it does.
Image taken from Google Images.

Image taken from Google Images.
 I got these yesterday at Sally Salon Services and they cost £6.30 +VAT for the 4 piece mini collection, I really want the Black Shatter polish and the bigger versions of the polishes as well!
Since I don't have the Black Shatter OPI polish, I decided to use my Barry M Instant Effects nail polish instead as it works in exactly the same way!
My picture skills aren't very good and some pictures aren't the best.
My mini collection and Barry M Instant Effects.
First I tried "Teenage Dream" which is a gorgeous sparkly pink polish, it really is beautiful. I thought at first it would just be like normal glitters and be all glitter and no colour underneath but I was definately wrong, and it has a sheer pink underneath packed with lot's and lot's of glitter!! I love it. I have done a swatch on a colour wheel for you, one on its own and one with Barry M Instant Effects over the top.
Teenage Dream

Teenage Dream
 Then I tried "The One That Got Away" which looks like a dark red in it's bottle, but when it goes on the nail it is more of a dark pinkish/red polish which looks really nice, it also has a lot of shimmer in it! It's simply beautiful, possibly my favourite of the four :). I have done a swatch on a colour wheel for you, one on its own and one with Barry M Instant Effects over the top.
The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away
 Then I tried "Last Friday Night" which is a sparkly blue polish, its nice but it's very hard to build up and has no real colour underneath it just lot's and lot's of glitter really! Still looks nice though and will probably look good over a similar coloured blue or even a black polish :). I have done a swatch on a colour wheel for you, one on its own and one with Barry M Instant Effects over the top. This colour was impossible to photograph on the nail wheel as it disappeared when I had the flash on, on the camera so I tried without the flash and this is what I got.
Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night
The last colour I tried was "Not Like The Movies" which I think is a very misleading colour, it comes out a lot lighter on the nail than it looks in the bottle, it has a mix of grey, purple and green tones in it, it is very shimmery again, it does build up to be darker. I have done a swatch on a colour wheel for you, one on its own and one with Barry M Instant Effects over the top.
Not Like The Movies

Not Like The Movies
 Overall I love this collection and definately want the bigger bottles and the Black Shatter polish as well!
I can't wait to go and see Katy Perry live this year in October :).

Friday, 28 January 2011

#10 -- Me -- Tattoo's

It's took me a while to think of my next blog post and with a little help from my more-eo's I have decided my tattoo's would be next as they are after all a permanent fixture on my body..
For those who don't like tattoo's or refer to them as 'tramp stamps' then simply don't read my blog, it doesn't bother me.

My first tattoo was a star on my wrist. I always wanted a star on my left wrist, lord knows why, but I did :). I waited well over a year for this because I was too much of a wimp at first, but eventually I got it. The story goes a little bit like and the Wife who also wanted a new tattoo decided to visit a tattoo shop in Sunderland which was near where we used to live in Roker for uni, so we went before a night out we were visiting for...we got an appointment for the next day and that was that, we arrived severely tired and hungover for our appointment at 1 o clock, and it took the bloke doing it so long to finish up his last tattoo and set up for ours, mixed in with him talking none stop about his Simpsons tattoo...or was is the tiger from the Frostie's box, I can't remember, anyway it took him nearly 3 hours in total before we walked away with our finished tattoo's which cost a mere £10 each :). Needless to say it wasn't the nicest place to be tattooed and mine is a little wonkey, but that I'm used too now, but I haven't been back there for a tattoo since and don't intend too.

That is my tattoo :)., well I love it :). A few months on when the wife went for another tattoo I decided to get two stars added to mine which cost £15 as that was the minimum charge.
I do love my tattoo though.

About a year later, another tattoo came along and it was just something I randomly found on the internet because I felt the urge for another tattoo...I wasn't particularly planning this tattoo, it just kind of happened, I like it non-the-less. It's on my foot but my toenails don't look very nice on it so I cut them off lol :).

And lastly, my 3rd tattoo (so far..). It is a design made better of one of Billie Joe Armstrongs many tattoos, it's a butterfly with a red star next to it, which is beautiful and possibly my favourite tattoo too date! :).
Mine :)

Billie Joe's

I am hopefully getting a tattoo in the next few months as well, which I have also wanted for a long time :), that is yet to come :) xx

Saturday, 22 January 2011

#9 -- Makeup -- Eye Makeup Storage

I've decided to do this post on my eye makeup storage as I have recently changed it over Christmas. Before my eye makeup was all over the place, in my makeup bag, draws etc. Now it's all need in a box which I got from my cousins for my birthday, it contained some eyeshadows and liners and looked a perfect size to hold all of my eye makeup products.

In my box there is mascara's, gel eyeliner, cream eyeliner, chunky eyeliners, regular eyeliners, mineral eyeshadows, mini eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow dusts. Also my eyeshadow primer from e.l.f.
It's a lovely blue box, with "Eyeshadow Collection" on the front which is perfect. The butterfly on it is so cute, it has little eyeshadow pictures included such a applicators etc.

This is only a short post but it is perfect to show you my collection.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

#8 -- Makeup -- Free Models Own Kit

A few weeks ago I seen in the Sun newspaper that the News of the World and Fabulous magazine were teaming up with Models Own to give away a free kit worth £24.00 to every reader who collected 2 tokens from two seperate weeks out of three, and I knew I had to collect the tokens, I've always been a lover of collecting tokens for stuff...sad I know :). Anyways for 2 weeks I collected the tokens from Fabulous magazine and off I went to Tesco on Tuesday to collect my free gift. And here it is:

It includes:
Duo Eyeshadow in Goldie-rocks
Volumising Mascara in Black
Liquid Eyeliner in Black
A set of Tweezers
A set of Eyelash Curlers

As a lover of eyeliner that was the first thing I tried out. In my opinion the brush was a bit stiff and I couldn't get a straight line using it, but that might just be me.

Next I tried the eyeshadows, these are really good, very pigmented and go on to the skin so easily!

And last I went to try the mascara but the wand has a lot of small loose fibres on it and I have read these have gotten into peoples eyes, so I don't think I'll be trying that out in a hurry.

The tweezers are really good quality and I look forward to using them when I need too and same goes for the eyelash curlers.
You also get 25% off any online Models Own purchases until February 7th this year :).

Monday, 17 January 2011

#7 -- Makeup -- Fearne Cotton for Boots

So, I was thinking what to do my next blog post on and was looking through the stuff I got for Xmas and my Birthday and decided to tell you all my thoughts on Fearne Cotton's makeup collection for Boots, I got most of it for my Birthday and Xmas from my Bf. As soon as I heard she was bringing out a makeup range I knew I had to get some/most of it! I love Fearne Cotton, her Very range is beautiful, she's got a great sense of style and she's unique. And her makeup definitely lives up to all of that.

First I thought I would start with my favorite makeup product of all, Nail Polish.
Her colours include: "Colour Nails by Night" which includes Red, Shimmery Dark Red, Black, Silver, Dark Purple and Royal Blue, And her "Colour Nails by Day" which includes Gum Coloured Pink, Baby Pink, Silver, Dark Pink, Apple Green and Lilac Purple.
All of the bottles have a different picture/symbol on them in gold. They are opaque in 2 coats and are easy to apply, they also dry quickly.

Next up is her eyeliners. There is three colours in her Jumbo eyeliner collection these are: "Envious Green" a gorgeous shimmery green, "Violet Vamp" a nice dark purple and "Night Owl" a black colour. There is also a regular sized "Night Owl" with a smudger on the other side.
The colours of the eyeliners are very pigmented and the application is very easy and smooth, they are also long lasting and I love the quirky names they have, and the writing on the sides of them.

And next up is a eyeshadow compact. At first glance I thought this was a compact mirror as that is what it looks like but when I opened it up I actually discovered it has eyeshadows inside. They are joined together in 5 stripes and the colours include Teal, Gold, Beigey Gold Shimmer, Brown and Bronze. There is a mirror inside of the compact, the outside is black with a gold skull logo which appears across her range. They are very easy to apply, quite well pigmented and highly shimmery.

Next up is the eyeshadow dust pots, much like Barry M's dazzle dusts in the way they are in the pot. They come in 3 shades which are Gunmetal, Gold and Bronze. The pots are very small and include the skull logo on the top of each of them, they are very shimmery, easy and smooth to apply and are very highly pigmented.

Next up is her "Made You Look, Made You Stare" Eyeshadow palette, this comes with 2 brushes and a mirror inside. The colours included are: Cream, Brown, Green, Red, Lilac, Silver, Gold, Olive, Purple and Black. The packaging is lovely, it's vintage looking it has the skull printed in gold and silver and it has flowers on the packaging. It's very sleek. All of the eyeshadows except for the black are shimmery, most have good pigmentation and they are again easy to apply.

Last up is the makeup product I probably use the least, usually only when I am having a night out, Lipsticks.
The products I have include, a lipliner called "Natural" and the Lipstick and Lipgloss to match as they were part of a set. And I also have a pink sparkle and a red lipgloss which came in the Fearne Cotton Hatbox. All of the lip products work very well, are smooth in application and are highly pigmented. The actually lipstick packaging is very nice, sleek and gold with the skull printed on it again.

 Overall I am very pleased with Fearne Cottons makeup range and it definately lived up to my expectations and I would definately buy it again.

Friday, 14 January 2011

#6 -- Nail Art pt2!

Over the past couple of days I have been working on a new wheel of nail art when I've had a spare minute :). I've decided to share the pics of it with you cos I love it and love doing them :).
Completed wheel! 
 This is my completed wheel, as I love animal print everything at the minute most of the nails art animal print or animal based :).
Swirls & Flowers!
Paws & Dots!

Pig, Ladybug & Bee! :)
These are the few random ones I did, the pig is from a pair of pig toe separators I got for Christmas, the bee and lady bug are just something I decided to make. The flowers are cos my Aunty wants her nails painted in flowers, and I think the paw prints are soo cute!
Animal Prints :) 
These are the animal prints I done, at the minute I love all things animal print. From L-R:
Pink tip with Black Zebra.
Silver Leopard print.
Gold Leopard print.
Cow print.
Black tip with White Zebra.
Tiger print.
Cheetah print.
Multi Coloured Zebra.

Hope you like these nails, I am planning on buying some nail canes so I can start creating 3D nail art very soon :) xx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

#5 -- Nail Polish Storage..

So as I'm obsessed with nails and stuff I decided I would show you how I store my nail polishes and accessories. I was going to get some nail paints out as I am going to do another wheel of nail art which will be a separate blog soon, and I decided I would move my nail polishes from my over-spilling tiny "Really Helpful Box" and put them into the Fearne Cotton Hatbox I got as a birthday present last year :).
First of all I took all my nail polishes out of the tiny box and took a picture of them for you to see..
My Collection :).   
Then I used my fearn box, which is beautiful to put them all in...
My Nail Polishes in the box!

...and with all my bits and bobs added in too! 
So...wah-la my nail polish storage! Pretty on the outside, spacious on the inside, I love it :).
So pretty :).

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

#4 Family -- My Granny ♥♥♥

So as a great family lover it took me less than a minute to decide to write a blog post about the most special woman in my life -- my Granny :).
Since I was a little girl I feel like she has always been there for me, as I grew up in her house for three years of my life because my mam was young so still lived at home, I've always felt like it has been a home away from home for me, I always remember going there straight after school and she would always make our tea, her home made crinkle cut chips with something, and I used to spend a lot of time with her and my Grandad until he died when I was aged 6...he will come as a seperate post :). I used to look forward to seeing her, I saw her each and every day and although its less now it's still at least 3 times a week, she is one of those people who fill my heart with love and I can always guarantee a cuddle from her. She is without a doubt one of the most strong, caring, loyal people I have ever known and I know she'll always be there for me even when she can't be anymore... She's a big believer in god, and if I have job interviews or anything else she always says she'll "pray to st.jude for me", she's always been proud of whatever I have done and given any encouragement I needed, still to this day she encourages me to what I want with my life. She told me the day I found out my Dad wasn't my biological dad that I will always be part of her family and she will always love me no matter what :).
It comes with great sadness to me and its something I haven't quite got round to dealing with yet that ever since she had a heart attack on Christmas Day, the day after my 18th birthday she hasn't quite been the same, now about 5 years on we found out last year she has a form of both Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, we thought it was just old age as you go on forgetting stuff etc. It broke my heart to hear that she had these, and yet she still remains strong, it breaks my heart even more to see how she goes downhill a lot, and its more taking one step forward and three steps back at the minute, she's lonely and withdrawn, eventhough we go and see her every day she doesn't remember and feels like we've forgotten about her. We dropped her at Tesco on the way to work today and I was upset at how lost she looked and how she just wandered in in a world of her own and wandered around aimlessly. She loses things and forgets and then gets angry with herself and that just makes things worse :(.
I'm trying to be strong for her, but deep down I can't deal with the fact she is "losing it" and one day she won't even remember who we are. But I'll always be there for her.

She's my heart, my soul and my universe, and I am so grateful to have someone like her in my life!