Saturday, 22 January 2011

#9 -- Makeup -- Eye Makeup Storage

I've decided to do this post on my eye makeup storage as I have recently changed it over Christmas. Before my eye makeup was all over the place, in my makeup bag, draws etc. Now it's all need in a box which I got from my cousins for my birthday, it contained some eyeshadows and liners and looked a perfect size to hold all of my eye makeup products.

In my box there is mascara's, gel eyeliner, cream eyeliner, chunky eyeliners, regular eyeliners, mineral eyeshadows, mini eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow dusts. Also my eyeshadow primer from e.l.f.
It's a lovely blue box, with "Eyeshadow Collection" on the front which is perfect. The butterfly on it is so cute, it has little eyeshadow pictures included such a applicators etc.

This is only a short post but it is perfect to show you my collection.

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