Thursday, 20 January 2011

#8 -- Makeup -- Free Models Own Kit

A few weeks ago I seen in the Sun newspaper that the News of the World and Fabulous magazine were teaming up with Models Own to give away a free kit worth £24.00 to every reader who collected 2 tokens from two seperate weeks out of three, and I knew I had to collect the tokens, I've always been a lover of collecting tokens for stuff...sad I know :). Anyways for 2 weeks I collected the tokens from Fabulous magazine and off I went to Tesco on Tuesday to collect my free gift. And here it is:

It includes:
Duo Eyeshadow in Goldie-rocks
Volumising Mascara in Black
Liquid Eyeliner in Black
A set of Tweezers
A set of Eyelash Curlers

As a lover of eyeliner that was the first thing I tried out. In my opinion the brush was a bit stiff and I couldn't get a straight line using it, but that might just be me.

Next I tried the eyeshadows, these are really good, very pigmented and go on to the skin so easily!

And last I went to try the mascara but the wand has a lot of small loose fibres on it and I have read these have gotten into peoples eyes, so I don't think I'll be trying that out in a hurry.

The tweezers are really good quality and I look forward to using them when I need too and same goes for the eyelash curlers.
You also get 25% off any online Models Own purchases until February 7th this year :).


  1. Oh wow , I got my two tokens just need to go and pick this up from tesco. Can buy some new nail varnishes with the voucher too :) x

  2. Yeah definately! I'll be buying some new polishes with the voucher :) xxx