Friday, 23 September 2011

#141 -- Day 4, 5 and 6

I haven't been on for a few days because of College so here are the last 3 days of my challenge.

Day 4: Current Celebrity Obsession

The Saturdays!
I love their current song and can't stop listening to it, I love their fashion sense and am super excited about the release of their nail polishes!!
Also trying to convince either the mother or boyfriend to get me tickets for my birthday/christmas ;)

Day 5: Current Celebrity Crush #1

Mr Johnny Depp...Perfection, enough said!

Day 6: Currently Celebrity Crush #2

Ashton Kutcher, seeing the first episode where Walden Schmitz is introduced into Two and a Half Men has rekindled my love for this man, isn't he beautiful :).

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

#140 -- Day 2 and 3

Day 2: First Celebrity Encounter
Day 3: Favourite Celebrity Encounter

I have never pet a celebrity, poor me :(

Sunday, 18 September 2011

#138 -- Day 1

Day 1 : First Celebrity Obsession

Backstreet Boys!!
My room was covered in posters of these, I loved them! My favourite was Brian (2nd from the right) hehe!

I was also slightly embarassingly obsessed with...
Peter Andre
Yuck, can't stand the bloke now though!
But I had a poster similiar to this but he was wet on the back of my door...hah!

#137 -- 30 Day Celebrity Challenge

A few fellow bloggers and friends are quite a way through this challenge now and I decided to jump on the band wagon and have a go myself.
I may miss days out but will do it in order so this may take more than 30 days as I'm super busy at the minute with a full week of College!
Day 1: First Celebrity Obsession
Day 2: First Celebrity Encounter
Day 3: Favorite Celebrity Encounter
Day 4: Current Celebrity Obsession
Day 5: Current Celebrity Crush #1
Day 6: Current Celebrity Crush #2
Day 7: Current Celebrity Crush #3
Day 8: Current Celebrity Crush #4
Day 9: Current Celebrity Crush #5
Day 10: A Celebrity You’d Love To Hang Out With
Day 11: A Celebrity You’d Love To Sit Down and Have A Conversation With
Day 12: An Artist You’d Love To See Livess
Day 13: A Celebrity You Respect Purely For Talent
Day 14: A Celebrity You Feel You’d Be Good Friends With
Day 15: A Celebrity You Wish Would Adopt You:
Day 16: A Celebrity You Find Beautiful:
Day 17: A Celebrity You Are Not At All A Fan Of:
Day 18: A Celebrity You Dislike That Others Seem To Love:
Day 19: A Celebrity You Love That Others Seem To Dislike:
Day 20: Favorite No-Longer-Alive Celebrity:
Day 21: A Celebrity That’s Way More Talented Than The Work They’re Getting:
Day 22: A Celebrity You Find Adorable:
Day 23: A Celebrity You’d Marry Right Here, Right Now:
Day 24: A Celebrity Whose Personality Is Irresistible:
Day 25: A Celebrity You Respect For What They’ve Been Through In Life:
Day 26: A Celebrity You Share A Birthday With
Day 27: A Celebrity You Find Annoying
Day 28: Favorite Under 20 Celebrity
Day 29: Favorite Over 60 Celebrity
Day 30: The Celebrity Fandom That Means The Most To You

Friday, 2 September 2011

#136 -- Make Up Academy (MUA) Cosmetics!

My collection of the cosmetics.

Nail Quake in Shiver -- £2.99
Nail Quake in Quiver -- £2.99
Nail Polish Shade 2 -- £1.00
Nail Polish Shade 15 -- £1.00
Heaven & Earth Palette -- £4.00
Eyeshadow Shade 11 -- £1.00
Eyeshadow Shade 2 -- £1.00
Eyeshadow Shade 17 -- £1.00

As you can see from the list, the prices are amazing...they start at £1.00 and go up too only £4.00 which is amazing!

Here's some swatches!
I love the colours of the nail quakes and love the patterns they make. I also love the nail polishes, for £1 they are amazing, and so glossy! They don't take long to dry either...amazing!

The palette too me is very sleek and looks more expensive than it is, the colours have amazing pigmentation, £4 for 12 shadows is amazing! I can't wait to do my eye makeup with some of these colours soon.
This palette is so popular it's regularly out of stock at the moment, it took me weeks to find it, but I'm glad I persisted :).

Swatches from eyeshadow shades 11, 2 and 17. As you can see again amazing pigmentation, and they cost only £1 each!!
Wow :)

MUA Cosmetics are available in Superdrug Stores and Superdrug Online only!
They also have an amazing Facebook Page where they are always happy to help with any queries you may have!!

What's your favourite piece from the MUA/MUA Pro range?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

#135 -- Latest Haul

I've decided to show you some things I've bought over the last few days because I love them all, and I've went a bit mad...ooops
My haul!

Sleek Nude Collection Palette -- £6.49
Sleek Pout Polish - Bare Minimum -- £4.49
MUA Pro Heaven & Earth Palette -- £4.00
Models Own Eyeshadow Applicators -- £3.00
Models Own Eye Shading Brush -- £5.00
No7 Milan Nail Varnish -- £2.00 with voucher
17 Cosmetics Purple Crackle Top Coat -- £3.99
17 Cosmetics Black Glitter Crackle Top Coat -- £3.99
W7 Cosmetics - Cosmic Black -- £2.99
Andrea Fullerton Stripe and Sparkle in Silver and Black -- £4.99 each
MUA Nail Polishes Shade 2 and Shade 15 -- £1.00 each

Yes a rather big and expensive haul, it has been bought over the last few days though since Monday.

Some swatches, I am going to do a seperate post on the Sleek and MUA stuff so look out for those coming soon :).

17 Black Glitter and Purple Crackle's...I love the black glitter one!!

Andrea Fullerton Stripe and Sparkle nail art pens, these work so well, the glitter one is especially good as they don't usually show up! They also have a little pot of glitter in the top of each, I haven't tried these yet.

w7 cosmetics - Cosmic Black, these are available in New Look and on small makeup stalls usually, my friend got me this as she works in new look...Look at that glitter, that is just one coat of the nail polish!! And the No7 Milan nail polish, wow a stunning colour, this was bought with a £5 voucher so only cost me £2, I saw this on my friends blog and knew I needed to get it!

I hope you all enjoyed my hauling!