Friday, 28 January 2011

#10 -- Me -- Tattoo's

It's took me a while to think of my next blog post and with a little help from my more-eo's I have decided my tattoo's would be next as they are after all a permanent fixture on my body..
For those who don't like tattoo's or refer to them as 'tramp stamps' then simply don't read my blog, it doesn't bother me.

My first tattoo was a star on my wrist. I always wanted a star on my left wrist, lord knows why, but I did :). I waited well over a year for this because I was too much of a wimp at first, but eventually I got it. The story goes a little bit like and the Wife who also wanted a new tattoo decided to visit a tattoo shop in Sunderland which was near where we used to live in Roker for uni, so we went before a night out we were visiting for...we got an appointment for the next day and that was that, we arrived severely tired and hungover for our appointment at 1 o clock, and it took the bloke doing it so long to finish up his last tattoo and set up for ours, mixed in with him talking none stop about his Simpsons tattoo...or was is the tiger from the Frostie's box, I can't remember, anyway it took him nearly 3 hours in total before we walked away with our finished tattoo's which cost a mere £10 each :). Needless to say it wasn't the nicest place to be tattooed and mine is a little wonkey, but that I'm used too now, but I haven't been back there for a tattoo since and don't intend too.

That is my tattoo :)., well I love it :). A few months on when the wife went for another tattoo I decided to get two stars added to mine which cost £15 as that was the minimum charge.
I do love my tattoo though.

About a year later, another tattoo came along and it was just something I randomly found on the internet because I felt the urge for another tattoo...I wasn't particularly planning this tattoo, it just kind of happened, I like it non-the-less. It's on my foot but my toenails don't look very nice on it so I cut them off lol :).

And lastly, my 3rd tattoo (so far..). It is a design made better of one of Billie Joe Armstrongs many tattoos, it's a butterfly with a red star next to it, which is beautiful and possibly my favourite tattoo too date! :).
Mine :)

Billie Joe's

I am hopefully getting a tattoo in the next few months as well, which I have also wanted for a long time :), that is yet to come :) xx

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