Friday, 14 January 2011

#6 -- Nail Art pt2!

Over the past couple of days I have been working on a new wheel of nail art when I've had a spare minute :). I've decided to share the pics of it with you cos I love it and love doing them :).
Completed wheel! 
 This is my completed wheel, as I love animal print everything at the minute most of the nails art animal print or animal based :).
Swirls & Flowers!
Paws & Dots!

Pig, Ladybug & Bee! :)
These are the few random ones I did, the pig is from a pair of pig toe separators I got for Christmas, the bee and lady bug are just something I decided to make. The flowers are cos my Aunty wants her nails painted in flowers, and I think the paw prints are soo cute!
Animal Prints :) 
These are the animal prints I done, at the minute I love all things animal print. From L-R:
Pink tip with Black Zebra.
Silver Leopard print.
Gold Leopard print.
Cow print.
Black tip with White Zebra.
Tiger print.
Cheetah print.
Multi Coloured Zebra.

Hope you like these nails, I am planning on buying some nail canes so I can start creating 3D nail art very soon :) xx

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