Thursday, 13 January 2011

#5 -- Nail Polish Storage..

So as I'm obsessed with nails and stuff I decided I would show you how I store my nail polishes and accessories. I was going to get some nail paints out as I am going to do another wheel of nail art which will be a separate blog soon, and I decided I would move my nail polishes from my over-spilling tiny "Really Helpful Box" and put them into the Fearne Cotton Hatbox I got as a birthday present last year :).
First of all I took all my nail polishes out of the tiny box and took a picture of them for you to see..
My Collection :).   
Then I used my fearn box, which is beautiful to put them all in...
My Nail Polishes in the box!

...and with all my bits and bobs added in too! 
So...wah-la my nail polish storage! Pretty on the outside, spacious on the inside, I love it :).
So pretty :).

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