Friday, 13 April 2012

Haul & Swatches!

Hello, me again! I have bought yet more nail polishes this week...I can't seem to control myself! I got 6 Models Own and a Collection 2000 polish in one day and one of the new Barry M magnetics the day after!

Here's some pictures...
L to R
Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix x2, Coral Reef, Lilac Dream, Pastel Pink, Aqua Violet Beetle Juice, Fruit Salad and Magnetic Dark Silver

...and some swatches
They are in the same order as above!
The Barry M magnetic hasn't even changed on my swatch so I quickly did it on one hand to show you the effect..

To me it looks more like circles than wavy lines...I'm sure the other shades have different patterns also! And they have added some new colours to their nail paint collection, some look super pretty!
These are only available in Superdrug & Boots stores for the time being!

Anyway as you can see I FINALLY got my hands on Ibiza Mix, well actually two of them! I rang up a store and luckily they had one left and kept it aside for me till I got there, and then when I went back to the store I'd been trying for a few weeks they also had one left so I snapped that up as well!
Think it's definitely nail polish love for me!

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