Tuesday, 26 April 2011

#93 -- The Royal Wedding...

To me the Royal Wedding is obviously going to be a big and beautiful thing, but if I was Kate and William I would not want all that attention on me, a wedding is meant to be sharing your love for one another, not for the rest of the world to watch and scrutinize over! But then again I'm not royalty and I guess she knew what she was getting herself into. I respect her for the fact she and William have done things their own way such as the venue choice, not wearing a tiara and she wants to do her own hair and makeup on the day.
It has without a doubt become one of the most commercialized thing for many years and anything shops and businesses can sell they'll give it a good go!

Crockery, the normal choice for royal wedding merchandise!

And for the not so normal choice...
Condoms! I mean really! I can't imagine the Queen would be best pleased if she knew about these.
I much prefer the "thanks for the day off" t-shirts!We received a Royal Wedding flag with there faces on in the Sun paper on Saturday and I also hear there is a Kate Middleton barbie doll out now also.
I for one can not wait to see her dress and she is definitely very beautiful. Her ring, along with other jewellery such as earrings and necklaces are available in shops such as Peacocks, Primark and New Look for as little as £2 and up. I wouldn't mind a copy of her ring ;).

For my one and only contribution to the Royal Wedding I have designed a piece of nail art, and it took me forever to do.
 The base colour is Barry M - Cobalt Blue.
The red gems are from Ebay.
and the White striper pen was in a set from argos.
These are beautiful and very time consuming, these would look nice on fingers such as the ring finger, but would definitely be OTT on all fingers.
Oh and one last thing I also see Minx nails are doing nail transfers with a picture of the happy couple on!!
I really have seen it all :).

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