Thursday, 24 November 2011

#153 -- A BIG Thank You :)

I received my first Christmas and Birthday gift in the post a few days ago and I couldn't stop myself from opening it, I haven't opened my card mam took that away from me :).

So I would like to say a HUGE thank you to my good friend Rachel from Life of a Sweetaholic she sent me some lovely gifts that are so me! She knows me so well :).

The gift was:
Perfect 10 Nail Art stickers -- a set of 3 stickers.
Elegant Touch Vanilla Sparkle Nail Polish -- such a cute colour!
Coca Cola Vanilla Lip Smacker lip balm.
A Lush voucher :).

Here's a swatch of the nail polish...
You can't really see it from the picture but it is full of silver flakies and it's really pretty, also when you put the top coat on it is supposed to smell like vanilla but as I'm suffering from a cold at the minute I can't smell a thing, but I'll definitely report back on this!

With my Lush voucher I am going to treat myself to...
...a Magic Wand Bubble Bar.
These are so cute and smell so nice so this is what I'll be using my voucher on!

So thank you very much Rachel, and I hope you enjoy your gifts which I know you are saving till Christmas Day!


  1. You are SO welcome hun :) enjoy your goodies!!
    Let me know what the LUSH bubble bar is like because I might get one too xxx

  2. Really lovely :-) It is so nice getting gifts in the post!!!!