Tuesday, 3 May 2011

#102 -- Mini Haul!

So tonight I went to the Metro Center just for a look round with Jonny and I was getting my mams birthday present, a charm from the Pandora shop, and he asked me which one I wanted and we had a bit of a "I don't want one"..."Choose one now" fight and he decided he would choose one, but he picked one I didn't like so I got the Cow instead :D.
How cute! And yes I am sad enough to have all my animal charms on one part :). All my hearty/lovey ones are on a seperate part too and the 3rd part is just for misc charms :).

And I also had a little pop into Boots as I have religiously for the last 2 weeks (sad, yes I know) to look for the Models Own Smash-Up polishes and I think I screamed when I saw they had them today, it was 3 for 2 across all of the makeup so I picked up the two they have and the Barry M Limited Edition polish (112). I also got my avon order off my mam which I forgot about, and only one of my nail polishes came because they are waiting for stock of the other. I got Matte Effects Inky Blue, which I seen on someone in College and it looked beautiful!
L to R -- Models Own Smash-Ups in Black & Silver, Barry M Limited Edition (looks sorta lilacy coloured) and Avon Matte Effects in Inky Blue, looks purple on the bottle, but inside it is a beautiful blue!
Swatches coming soon I promise!

Oh and enter my giveaway! It ends tomorrow at midday!!

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