Thursday, 28 April 2011

#98 -- Nail Art :)

I spent some time yesterday doing some new nail art including gems, and decided on doing girly nail art :).

The first two are my first and very rubbish attempts at water marbling! The third nail is a bit of royal nail art the red part is all red gems, and the last nail is an alternative to a french polish with a corner of silver and black zebra and some black gems.
The royal nail art took forever!!

The first is a cupcake with multi coloured speckles and a large gem for the cherry, the next three are different coloured leopard prints, and the last one is a Cow for my best mate who LOVES cows!! It's so cute!

Black and white polka dots with a white bow and gem for the first one, and then the second one is inspired by minnie mouse with a red background and white dots with a black bow and a red gem, and the last very rubbish one is supposed to be Hello Kitty, maybe I need to work on that one a little bit :).



  1. These are gorgeous hun :)
    I especially love the leopard prints :D xxx

  2. Hi, do you mind me asking where you got your practice nails and did they come on the sticks?(sorry, don't know what else to call them?)

    Thanks :)