Monday, 25 April 2011

#90 -- More! Magazine!!

I have been reading More! magazine for a good 4-5years now and I love it. 

It generally delivers for me and has a good amount of my favorite female celebs such as Fearne Cotton, Katy Perry and Katie Price, a good amount of style, beauty, real life, problem solutions.

About this time last year I ventured onto the More! magazine facebook page. I liked it and left, then a few months later was browsing facebook and decided to go onto to the More! page and saw a lot of the girls chatting away as if they have been friends for years, asking for solutions to problems, fashion and beauty advice and so I decided to post my first comment.

For me the More! page is a good place to go for a chat, advice or just to say Hello. I have also been facebook fan of the week once as well. I have met some amazing girls on that page, not going to name them because they know who they are and there'll be trouble if I miss someone out ;).


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