Sunday, 27 March 2011

#59 -- Nail Haul and Nail Art Collection!

Nail Haul! 
Yesterday was a rare whole day out for me and the boyfriend so off we went into Newcastle, we wandered around for a while, went to order him some wallpaper samples in John Lewis (posh haha) and went for dinner in Frankie and Benny's mmmmm! And along the way I got some new nail art pens from Sally's!
They are new out apparently and they look amazing, they are sort of like the Nailene french tip pen but in different colours!

At the minute they only come in 5 colours and the boyfriend bought me all of them! They were on 3 for 2 so technically got one free and also 20% off :).
I love the look of the purple so far! And love that they have little pictures of nails with nail art examples on them in the bottom corner!
I opened the red one on the way home in the car because I was too excited too wait!!

As you can see they look just like felt tips and come with full instructions on the back! 
The pictures will make them go bigger if you click them :).
I decided to have a go at a french tip and heart design to try it out on my little finger!
It will be better with more practice obviously :).
The magazine we got free when going into the store had pictures of the examples of nail art you could create on them and some look fab!

I'm excited to try them out properly!!

Nail Art!
I am going to show you my ever growing nail art collection, just because I want too really :).
As you can see from the picture I have quite a lot of stickers, some nail art pens, the ones along the bottoms are from Claire's Accessories, the others are from Argos and my new ones are from Sally's as said above! I also have some glitter, dried flowers, and some rhinestones and sequiny bits in my pill box, yes a pill box, it works really well for what I hold in it :).

These are my nail canes, I am going to use them to do a 3D nail wheel of nail art when I have a spare few hours. I got a pack of 100 assorted nail canes and the blade to slice them from Ebay for £3.99, they are from Hong Kong and I thoroughly recommend getting your nail art stuff from there as the quality is great and they are usually a lot cheaper! I am definately excited to use these along with my other goodies! 


  1. wow so jealous of your collection! im from the north east too :D where is sallys? i probably know the shop but wont have taken any notice of the name! xx

  2. Hehehe :). Aww are you, wow! It's in Newcastle next to Monument :) just a small shop x