Friday, 25 February 2011

#16 -- Shopping & Nail Art :)

So last night I went shopping with the boyfriend and got a few bits and bobs I've decided to show you, I also got a couple of the items today when I popped out :). 
I am going to try and put some links into my blog to a few products, let's see if this works out as I hope it does :). 

As you can see from the picture above I bought the following:
Colour Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner - 75p each usually 99p each from Superdrug.
Beauty UK - Statement Nails - £4.99 from Select.
Andrea Fullerton Nail Enamel in "Sharon" - £5.10 from Superdrug.
Andrea Fullerton Nail Tattoos "Skull & Cross Bones" - £2.03 from Superdrug.
Kiss Nail Artist Rhinestones - £2.85 from Superdrug.
No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara in Black - £8.00 from Boots. 
(Usually £13.00 but Boots have brought back the £5.00 off No7 vouchers when you spend £5.00 or more in store :)).

Firstly I am going to show you the nail colours I bought by Beauty UK, I currently love pastel coloured nail polishes and these will be perfect for summer, they were only £4.99 for the set of 6 miniatures though I got them for £4.24 as I get 15% off in Select with my NUS extra card. 
The colours are: White, Peach, Lilac, Sky Blue, Mint Green and Slate.
This is how they come out:

My favourite at the minute is the Peach, but that's bound to change :).

Next I'll show you the Andrea Fullerton polish and nail tattoo's I bought. I have been looking for a pastel Grey nail polish for a while and this one is exactly what I wanted, it was a bit steep at £5.10 but I used my student discount (10% off in Superdrug) so it's all good. Then I got some nail tattoo's which I had seen a while ago but had waited until now to buy, these will be perfect for unique nail art and I look forward to wearing them on my nails or doing someone elses nails with them :). These were £2.03.
The Nail Polish can be bought here.
The Nail Tattoo's can be bought here.
Here is a swatch of the nail polish:

Right hand side is closest to the colour :)
 I also bought some more Rhinestone and Flower nail art stickers just too add to my collection. These cost £2.85 also from Superdrug.

Lastly I bought the new No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara in Black, this cost me £8.00 in Boots ,as I had a £5.00 off No7 voucher as the boyfriend spent over £5.00 in store and gave me the voucher, he knows me so well :). This should of been £13.00. I have yet to try this mascara as I am currently using up my other one which is also No7, I love there mascara's :), however it says on the tube "For beautiful curve and volume" which I assume from the reviews on the Boots website is true.
You can buy this here and read the reviews for yourself.

Now for the exciting part, I am going to show you the nail art that I have done so far using my new stickers, only 2 so far, but I thought I would show you anyways. 
For the first one I did I used my flower stickers. I painted the colour wheel nail in two coats of Barry M's Fuchsia, then when it was dry I placed 3 different sized flowers in a diagonal starting at the left top corner of the nail, I love the way this has come out it is very simple yet effective and pretty.

For the second one I did I used my Andrea Fullerton nail tattoo's. I painted the colour wheel nail in two coats of e.l.f's Black polish, then when it was dry I used two skull and cross bone stickers and placed them randomly on the nail. I love the way this has come out, it is very funky and unique. It will be perfect to use on my best mates nails, she will love it :).

And lastly my Mam let me do her Individual Lashes for her night out tomorrow...


  1. Ah I love this post hunni :)
    Very impressed with the stuff that you got.
    The nail varnishes look amazing, I love the peach one too :) & I loved the way you did the flowers, I must try this with the ones I have

  2. Thank you my lovey!
    Hehehe, me too, can't wait another 3 weeks for my wheels and nail canes to arrive tho :( it's gona be aaaages lol!
    Yep I love peach, think that or grey will be my next NOTD :D.
    Yeah do, and put up some pics :):) xox