Saturday, 19 February 2011

#13 -- Crafts -- Card Making.

So, not a lot of you will know this but I make a lot of cards, I usually always sent out a handmade card for peoples birthday and all my Christmas cards this year were handmade. I make cards from anything and everything, I cut images off cards me or the family receive, love getting bits and bobs from the likes of Boyes, Hobbycraft, Dainty Supplies and small craft stores, I get my Art Deco pictures from a printing shop near Dainty Supplies in Washington :). At last count before the Paper Mill Shop shut down near to me I had 10 boxes of their A4 paper/card and 2 boxes of their A3 paper/card. I also make invitations, place settings, table designs, and sell my cards to family and friends for a small fee.
I have always loved being creative and last year card making really inspired me to bring out my creativity. I started about a year ago making mothers day cards and haven't really stopped since. What started out as a box of card and some stickers is now a huge box full of stuff in my room :). When making cards for family and friends I always try to find a image/sticker of something I know they will like. When I have got some pictures of the few cards I've made so far for my best mate I will definitely put them up as they are so her!

This is a Christening card for my mam's friends Daughter that I made usuing pink card, pink gingham backing paper, some gems, a cardboard greeting and forever friend bear stickers.

This is the mother's day card which I made for my mam, I seen this one in a magazine and immediately fell in love with it. I made it using grey and purple card, a floral backing paper, some gems, some silver letter peel offs, and lettered MUM forever friend bear stickers which came in a pack.

This the mother's day card I made for my Auntie to give to my Granny, I used white card, stuck on some backing paper, then cut the image out of a magazine and made it 3D by sticking and identical one over the vase of flowers with 3D foam pads, I used greetings from a card making magazine. My Granny loved this card.

This is the Christmas card I made for my mam to give to my Granny, It's made using A3 black card and various backing papers and an Art Deco lady from a printing shop in Washington.

This is the card I gave my Boyfriend for Christmas. I stuck ribbons and various backing papers onto a thin card blank, I used stickers I got in a christmas pack for the bauble stickers, and coloured in the robin and forever friend bear for the card and used 3D foam pads to attach them to the card. The letters are gold peel offs.The snow is also made out of gold peel offs.

This is a card I made for one of my friends for the birth of her son Noah. I got a blue card blank, used some ribbon across the bottom, and along the top I created a "washing line" effect using ribbon with lettered beads on it attached by craft pegs which you can't see in this picture, I then used baby stickers for the image in the middle and attached a cardboard greeting to the card.

Keep checking back to my blog to read more on my scrapbooking and cardmaking.
And also please feel free to comment on this blog or e-mail me on for prices of cards, I can make any card you like and personalize it for you.


  1. Ooooh I love this post :)
    I shall upload a piccy of the card you sent me for Xmas

  2. Oooh yeah! I forgot about that, I sent Dani one too, I remember now :) xxx

  3. :) Shall do it tomorrow and send it ya in a message xx